Robot Cossey

Great Crested Newt

Peterborough Public Art Commission 2011

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IMG_0596 IMG_0599 newt1 newt2 newt3 newt4

The Peterborough site was commissioned by Prologis Developments Ltd.

The Peterborough site was sensitive in that the art placed upon it was to represent a substantial period of Peterborough history and its wildlife.  After consultation with local conservationists and the Wildlife Trust it was decided that the local history of brick making and the resultant increase in Great Crested Newts in the pits created by removal of the clay to make the bricks would make suitable and iconic subjects for the artwork.  The finished artwork was of a Great Crested Newt crawling over a brick wall. It measured 18ft long by 6ft high by 2ft wide and was carved from sweet chestnut.