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Robot Cossey


Location - Dudley

Commissioned by – Taylor Wimpey Ltd

Date - 2012

Materials – Cut Broadcroft Whitbed. Fine Rubbed Portland Stone.


Commissioned by Taylor Wimpey for a piece of public artwork to be situated outside the show homes of a new housing estate. It was discussed that the possible themes for the sculpture could be based either on the local mining industry or the railway line that used to run through the new build site. The sculpture is abstract, representing the smoke from the funnel of the train which used to travel too and from the colliery on the railway line that ran straight through the area of which the artwork is situated.

‘Agenoria’ was the name of one of the four trains built by the Foster, Rastrick and Company.

Foster, Rastrick and Company was one of the pioneering steam locomotive manufacturing companies of England. The fourth locomotive, Agenoria, was built for service in 1829 and travelled on the Earl of Dudley’s Shutt End Colliery Railway in Kingswinford Staffordshire.

Unlike the company's first three steam locomotives it had a long life, being withdrawn from service in 1864.

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