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Robot Cossey

Red Kite Public Art Commission 2011

The Kettering site was commissioned by Prologis Developments Ltd.

The site at Kettering included a large field which was to be let to the local regional Scout Headquarters after two football pitches, a car park and changing rooms had been built.  Due to the location near a nature reserve the public art has taken the form of a large seat in the shape of a red kite.  The Wildlife Trust is very proud of the re-introduction of red kites in the area and it was decided that its shape should be used not only for the convenience of a seat for spectators and sports people when using the facilities but also as an informal education tool to encourage visitors to look out for, and be able to identify, these magnificent birds as they fly over the sports ground. It measured 11ft long with a wingspan of 28ft and was carved from sweet chestnut.

The base will soon be completed with bark chippings.

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